Maintaining Your Health

The keys to maintaining your health are simple, but they do require commitment. Try making these elements part of your day!

Find a way to get your body moving, whether it’s playing with the kids, taking dance classes, walking the dog, using the stairs rather than the elevator, or parking your car at the far end of the parking lot. Of course, a workout at home or at the gym is great too. The goal is to get moving and get your heart pumping. It’s even better if you’re doing something you enjoy.







Eating right does make a difference, so think about cutting out the obvious fried and fatty foods, and consider trying lower-fat alternatives to cheeses, salad dressing, milk, mayonnaise and meats. Bump up your intake of fruits and vegetables, lower your daily dose of caffeine, and try to drink an extra glass of water each day.


Reduce Your Stress
Stress can seem like a way of life, but some of the simpler activities in your day can help you shed the anxiety and physical burden caused by stress. A massage, pedicure or haircut can help relax your muscles, but so can a noontime walk, a good book, a chat with a friend, or some playtime with a pet. Take time out each day to meditate or relax doing something you enjoy. When stress faces you head on, focus on keeping your thoughts positive and your breathing deep and even.


Reduce Your Exposure to Pollutants
Try to be aware of the health hazards to which your body is exposed, whether it’s dinner in a smoke-filled room, a few too many drinks after a party, or too much time spent in the noise and fumes of a high-traffic area. Make it a priority to breathe fresh air and eat fresh food when you can.